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I am delighted to introduce the process of giclée into my range of fine quality limited editions prints.

Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French term, in this case meaning 'spray of ink'. An iris ink jet print on watercolour paper is known as a giclée. It is not an original graphic, but a fine quality reproduction print. In many cases, that quality is high enough to reproduce an original in a way that many find superior to that of a serigraph or lithograph.

The giclée process really saturates the colours and accurately represents the textures found in a painting. I have employed the finest studio to produce my giclée editions.

Giclée prints render deep, saturated colours and have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. A variety of substrates can be used. This includes archival watercolour papers, such as Arches or Somerset, glossy paper and cotton duck canvas. Iris giclée prints have an impressive exhibition record being shown in museums and galleries throughout the world.

The production of a giclée print is not an automatic process. The human touch is critical in several phases of the giclée process. First, giclée prints begin as original art. Second, the work is scanned in the computer, where it is colour corrected. That colour correction requires an experienced eye and touch in making the proper adjustments in tone, contrast, sharpness and other factors. This all helps to ensure that I will be able to produce a print that faithfully reproduces my original. Third, in matching the computer image with the final print, a practised eye must make adjustments for the best results. And lastly, the printer itself needs steady attention to produce consistent, quality results. In short, the human hand is part of every step of the giclée process. Indeed, the difference between a quality printer and one that is not, lies almost entirely in the human involvement and craftsmanship.

The true difference between giclées and other types of prints lie in the printing device used, which makes giclées unquestionably, one of the finest of all types for the reproduction of fine art.

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