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Framed Dimensions H44 x W44 x 1.5 cm


'Looking Out' is a beautiful contemporary, coastal, beach art painting with flora, ocean waves rolling onto the beach and seagulls flying overhead in the cloudy blue sky. Painted on professional, primed art board and painted in an impressionistic style using acrylic medium, with satin finish. From the seascape collection by Janet Gammans.


I used soft, warm colour shades of turquoise, blue, grey and umber to create this painting which is full of harmony and tonal value throughout. It was inspired, like much of my art, by the British Cornish coastline, having spent much time in this stunning part of Cornwall over the years. A sandy path with foliage is painted in the foreground using splashes and dabs to achieve this impressionist style of work which is both charming and idyllic in it's setting. I hope it gives the viewer a sense of 'being in the moment', as it did for me.


It has been painted in acrylic medium and painted onto professional, archival quality, primed artboard. It has been mounted onto a painted 'warm white' background of thick 6mm MDF and framed in a solid wood painted frame, complementing the artwork beautifully. All fixtures are in place and therefore ready to hang in your home or work space.


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Looking Out (Framed)

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