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Framed Dimensions H54.5 x L64.5 x D3.5 cm 

'Destiny' is an expressionist, abstract and textured work of art. Think, industrial interior design, weathered, old rustic, faded walls within a modern living environment and there you have todays contemporary design. I have used natural, neutral tones with shades of black, white, subtle pink and grey. Gold leaf ejects light, shimmer and contrast to this unique piece of art.

This new collection was inspired by travel to rural, rustic locations and viewing the stone and concrete patina of design from old architecture and weathered walls. Intricate in its creation, I first used layers of textured gesso onto cotton canvas, overlaying acrylic paint with different tools to then imitate the beautiful textures and colours of times gone by.

This way of painting gives more diversity and freedom of expression whilst creating a unique and modern piece of art for a contemporary setting either in the home, a business location or in the office work space.

The artwork has been painted on stretched cotton canvas and is ready to hang with fixtures and fittings in place. The bespoke white solid wood frame is painted in a warm white to complement the artwork itself. Because of the neutral colour palette it would suit many interior settings whether modern or the more traditional. This stunning work of art will have maximum impact on any wall surface creating a rugged modernist feel to your interior space.


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Destiny (Framed)

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