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Framed Dimensions W27 x H23 x D0.8 inches


'Contours' is a coastal, textural, expressionist semi abstract seascape painting. It is an atmospheric representation of the British coastline in the colder months. Predominantly echoing features of the Norfolk sands with incoming tide washing up on the sandy beach relecting the light and dark of the stormy blue sky overhead.



It has been painted onto stretched, triple primed cotton canvas. The large bespoke frame is made from solid wood with warm white mat finish. The face measures 46 mm and is ready to hang with fixtures and fittings in place.

I am inspired by many things, but the coast, for me, gives me immense freedom of expression. I have spent time by the coast, studying, drawing and 'living the life'. The artwork evokes an emotional response to forms, atmosphere and textures from rural aspects of rustic British coastline. The finished piece, which is predominantly blue, umber and white, has a satin finish with a slightly more glossy forefront representing the wet sandy beaches reflecting in the light of day. It also has a textural feel which gives it an almost 3D effect.

I have come to realize that it’s not ‘what you paint’ that is important, but ‘how you paint it’. So in my interpretation of painting a subject, I try to maintain the essence of what first inspired me to paint it. For me, what is fundamental in my paintings are light, subtlety of colour, harmony, depth and drama, while still staying true to the subject. In my finished work, I hope that I have conveyed to the viewer a sense of mood, which was present at the time of painting it.ʺ

Because of the neutral and natural tones of this fine art, it is sure to suit many home interiors and become an eye catching addition to your room. 


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Contours (Framed)

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