About the Artist

Welcome to my website Janet G, Artist. I hope you enjoy the art you are about to see.
"I enjoy experimenting with all medium, but watercolour and acrylic are the ones I find most satisfying. Depending on the subject, I find that it would either lend itself more to the delicate touches of watercolour or to the stronger and more vibrant colours of acrylic paint and each would allow me to translate a 'mood' a subject might evoke.

I have come to realise that it's not 'what you paint' that is important but 'how you paint it'. So in my interpretation of painting a subject, I try to maintain the essence of what first inspired me to paint it. For me, what is fundamental in my paintings are light, subtlety of colour, harmony, depth and drama, while still staying true to the subject. In my finished work I hope that I have conveyed to the viewer a sense of mood, which was present at the time of painting.

Janet worked in Advertising and Design in London W1 after leaving college, where she worked as a freelance graphic designer supplying finished artwork and new design concepts for packaging to London based international companies.

She now works from her studio in South Cambridgeshire, as a freelance artist supplying fine art to publishing companies worldwide. Her paintings are sold from galleries throughout the South of England and internationally via the web. She has become a much sought after artist being recognized for her subject matter and her unique creative style of work.

She teaches watercolour painting to art clubs and societies in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire having built on her reputation as an 'enthusiastic translator of technique' .

Janet is now a member of the Society of United Artist which has enabled her to exhibit her work personally at galleries in Mayfair, Bankside, The Mall, London and across the UK via satellite from various London locations. She is also 'resident artist' at the Aubrey Art Gallery, Great Dunmow where her paintings can be viewed at regular exhibitions throughout the year.

Please email me for further information or would like to purchase. I will be happy to help at janet@janetg.co.uk